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Life Update

The last time I updated was exactly a year ago tomorrow.  I’m still the same me, but it feels like EVERYTHING has changed since last year.  It’s crazy because I didn’t notice how much has changed over the past year until I came across my tumblr.  I think it’s time to update my life, for me and for whoever wants to know.

In my last post, I said I was currently living in LA.  Well, now I live in Tulsa, OK and I’m getting ready to move to Cambridge, MA (Jake got into school there, so we’re moving again!).  As for the NY School of Film, I’ve decided to not do that right now.  I know I could learn SO much from the school, but I feel like I am learning so much just working with videographers on small projects as well, plus I get paid instead of having to pay!  I also mentioned going to Cameroon, which was an amazing experience and I’ve gone back to visit once already and plan on going again soon.

So aside from that, what’s new?  I got married!  I am now officially Jennifer Erick Maby-Price.  =)  I also stumbled upon something that started out as a hobby, but I’m hoping to turn into a job, which is wedding videography.  I’ve done a few weddings for friends here in Tulsa, and I am hoping to continue it in Cambridge.  Getting my name out will be difficult, but I shall try!  I shall also try to get a job at Starbucks there, because I need coffee and can’t afford the caffeine addiction otherwise.

This was such a boring update - no wonder I only do it once a year =P

About Me

I usually don’t post about myself.  I’m more of a “behind-the-scenes” kind of person.  My passion is video editing.  I’m currently living in LA to follow that passion, and I was accepted to the NY School of Film, and I’ll be going in the Spring.  This October I’m going to Cameroon to help film a documentary.

I’m 20 years old.  I’ve lived just about everywhere in the U.S.  My family moved states every 6-10 months.  I lived in Oklahoma twice (lived in Tulsa when I was 15, moved awhile, then moved to Broken arrow when I was 17).  I consider that my home more than any other place.  The first time I lived on my own, I lived in Arkansas to attend a community college.  Then I switched to crazy hectic-life in LA.  Soon I’ll be living in Cameroon and then in NY.

I am such a big HP and SYTYCD nerd.  I created my first youtubes to make fan videos (which is how I got into film editing, I just loved it).  After that, I discovered some amazing youtubers, so I created my JenniferMaby youtube account to follow them.  After that came Twitter, DailyBooth (I never post pictures, just follow people), FormSpring (to follow), and now Tumblr.  So basically, I’m just a stalker? jk ;)

That’s probably all I’ll ever post about myself.  I only did this because so many people I’ve met online (those who don’t know me IRL) have been asking a lot about me, so I decided to just post it here.  Feel free to ask me anything though! 

<3 Jenn

P.S. I might use this to post some of the interesting things I’ve found on the internet.  So follow me if you are interested.